About us

Positive Pants was launched in april 2018 after a powerful lightbulb moment! I realised there were not many physical products to help children navigate the complexities of modern life and what better product than a pair of positive pants!

Having spent a fair amount of my life with depression, a number of chronic health conditions, as well as being a victim of bullying in the workplace,  i knew how it felt to need an extra boost of confidence on a daily basis!

I grew up in Essex then Hertfordshire, and have lived in Cambridgeshire and Derbyshire too, but have now happily settled in Nottinghamshire with my family. My daughter, Ellie, a magical, sparkling, 8 year old who inspires me every day and my incredibly supportive husband, Toby, too. Not forgetting my kitty cat, Darcy too!

My passion is to follow my true life path which is to make wellbeing techniques and tools accessible to everyone. From your children, families, friends, community and schools both locally and worldwide.

And most importantly, to have fun while doing it!

Claire x

This is me! Claire